Gainsful Crash Due to Fog – 10 Killed in Appalling Wreckage – Personal injury attorneys stand by – A crash near Gainsville on a fog-enshrouded I-75 early Sunday morning killed 10 people, the Florida Highway Patrol has confirmed.

Wreckage from the appalling, fatal pile-up stretched for almost a mile on the busy road and looked like carnage, according to witnesses.

Northbound lanes had reopened Sunday evening and the Florida Highway Patrol indicatate that southbound lanes should be cleared well before midnight.Only nine of the 18 people taken to Shands hospital were being treated there Sunday night.

At least 12 cars and seven semi trucks were destroyed in the wreckage, which saw some twisted and burnt vehicles.

Sergeant Todd Kelly was one of the first responders to the accident.

“Some of the deputies that I spoke with said he couldn’t see his hand in front of his face. You hear tires screeching. Another crash occurring. People yelling out for help but you can’t find them and don’t know where they’re at. It’s so dark and so smoky that you’re having difficulty even locating where that next crash is,” Kelly said.

The crash brought traffic to a crawl for more than 10 miles. Thousands of drivers were having a hard time finding another route. Helicopters flew over that area all day helping crews clear the highway and recover any bodies trapped inside vehicles.