Get Smart: How law firms can embrace a digital workplace

Get Smart: How law firms can embrace a digital workplace 2

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Get Smart: How law firms can embrace a digital workplace 3Over the past decade, digital technologies have transformed the way we work. We expect to communicate with anyone and access the information and services we need from anywhere, at any time.

The digital workplace is the next major evolution in the way we work, fuelled by broad changes in technology, workforce preferences, habits and demographics.

For law firms, having a digital workplace isn’t just another box to tick. It’s critical to attracting and retaining great talent, keeping teams engaged and productive, fostering a culture of innovation, staying ahead of competitors and staying secure.

But what does a digital workplace look like? And why should your business take note?

6 ways a digital workplace, could change the way you work:

Unleash your expertise:

We all know every client is different. And sometimes the specialist expertise you need, won’t come from someone sitting in your office.

A unified communications solution means it doesn’t matter where that expertise comes from – you and your team can use secure online platforms to collaborate from anywhere without risk, working with online files and video conferencing seamlessly in real-time.

Focus on what matters most:

You can use mobile technology to automate basic admin tasks like TXT appointment reminders or timesheets, or set them up as managed services, so your team have more time to focus on the tasks that matter most.

Serious service without even trying:

By bringing parts of your digital workplace together, you can learn more from client data and use it to improve the way you service clients. For example, use your own insights to deliver personalised, relevant and consistent service experiences to clients no matter how they choose to engage with you.

Securely stored and paper free: Over 66% of employees admit to regularly emailing company files to their personal email addresses so they can work from home^.

Having a managed cloud service removes this security risk, as your company’s sensitive data is kept securely in the cloud, and is easily accessible for your whole team no matter their location.

Be a magnet for talent:

A flexible working environment and culture of empowerment and collaboration will help you attract, retain and motivate the best talent you need to keep growing. After all, the average job tenure is now just 4.2 years, which makes retaining talent long-term a challenging task*.

Size doesn’t matter:

By utilizing the cloud, your team will have access to enterprise-grade apps and collaboration tools, which can help put smaller organisations on a level playing field with large law firms and competitors.

It’s essential we all take note of the technological changes evolving around us, and feel confident about integrating them into existing operations and processes.

This enables the digital workplace, which in turn can promote flexible working, support a diverse and inclusive workforce, improve employee work-life balance and create an environment where innovation can flourish. Essentially it allows for more efficient working with happier employees.

To explore how your workplace could begin a digital journey today, contact your Vodafone Account Manager or take the Ready Business Test here.


Get Smart: How law firms can embrace a digital workplace 4

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