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The Passing of a Television Icon

james gandolfi dies

“Sopranos” actor James Gandolfini has died. Whatever you think of the mafia and their interface with the law, the portrayal of the family-friendly mafia boss in HBO’s The Sopranos saw James Gandolfi transform the public perception of the mafia “family”. Gandolfi, 51, died while on holiday in Italy when he suffered a stroke. The Sopranos …

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Accused Lawyer Found Dead

paul mannina lawfuel

The death of a senior and respected Labor Department lawyer who was charged with sexual assault has created intrigue and sadness among friends and family members.   The Washington Post reports that Paul Mannina, 58,  died with his throat slashed in his prison cell in DC.  He had been charged with burglary and attempted rape …

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The AmLaw 200 Rebound

amlaw 200

How have the AmLaw 200, the biggest law firms in America, fared in recent times?] After a decade of breakneck growth, the global financial crisis brought matters to a sudden and dramatic halt.  Following revenue growth that saw total revenues hit $84 billion in the eight years until 2008, the following year saw $2.4 billion …

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