Prominent real estate attorney Timothy Tosta shares knowledge gained through his own life experiences in #DEATH tweet Book 02: 140 Perspectives on Being A Supportive Witness to the End of Life

SAN FRANCISCO (April 18, 2011) – Timothy Tosta, a land use partner with Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps LLP, today announced his book, #DEATHtweet Book 02: 140 Perspectives on Being A Supportive Witness to the End of Life, is now available. Intended for those in law, real estate, finance, health care, and other business sectors, #DEATHtweet Book 02 utilizes lessons Tosta has learned through working with the dying to offer refreshing and encouraging new perspectives on attending to a loved one, friend or colleague at the end of life.

#DEATHtweet Book 02 contains 140 tweets, each less than 140 characters long. Though condensed, Tosta’s powerful messages offer readers profound perceptions in a format that is easy to consume for even the busiest individual. #DEATHtweet Book 02 builds on Tosta’s first book, #DEATHtweet: A Well-Lived Life through 140 Perspectives on Death and its Teachings, which offers readers a framework for examining their lives, purpose, perspectives, emotions, and relationships through the context of death.

Tosta, one of California’s leading land use lawyers, secures entitlements for some of the State’s largest and most controversial land use developments. He is also a cancer survivor, seasoned hospice volunteer and certified Integral Coach who helps business professionals understand change, manage stress and live a more fulfilled and balanced lives.

“Like its predecessor, #DEATH tweet Book 02 offers readers the opportunity to examine long-held beliefs, judgments, and fears about the end of life to see if their hold can be loosened or released,” says Tosta. “Often when dealing with the loss of those closest to us – family, friends, and colleagues – we are unable to see past the immediate pain. This book enables readers to open their hearts and minds and to foster their natural caring abilities.”

Prior to the #DEATHtweet series, Tosta took lessons from his own experience facing death and from his work with the dying to a broader audience through a provocative lecture series entitled “Lessons for the Living.” In addition, Tosta is the founder and author of the Coach’s Corner Blog found on, a website that offers professionals guidance on how to break ineffective patterns of behavior and remove obstacles to live balanced and happy lives.

#DEATHtweet Book 02, printed by Silicon Valley based publisher Happy About, is available for purchase through Happy About, Amazon and select retailers. iPhone users, for a limited time, can download the THINKaha application and download #DEATHtweet Book 02 for FREE. Click on the BUY button. The price is ZERO. If you would like to purchase a hard copy, go to or
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