Multi-Functional Handheld ADSL2+ Tester

Toronto, Canada – GAO Comm ( has announced the release of an innovative ADSL2+ tester, which also provides digital multi-meter testing capabilities including loop resistance, capacitance, insulation resistance and voltage. It is commonly used for the installation, maintenance and measurement of ADSL2+ service.
The ADSL2+ tester, model 332B, is an easy-to-use, handheld telecommunication tester which offers physical layer parameter testing including rate, attenuation, noise margin, output power. It boasts a high resolution LCD display screen which shows the test results directly. This compact ADSL2+ tester offers error testing functions, PING and TRACE, user register authentication and modem simulation. It features auto power off and back-light time out. Also, this tester possesses a data memory capacity of 50 records.

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About GAO Comm
GAO Comm ( is an international leading provider of communication test instruments, equipment for the installation, testing and maintenance of communications infrastructures.

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