OMICS Publishing Group

OMICS Publishing Group provides for sharing of knowledge without boundaries. As part of its mission to disseminate and present information, OMICS Group publishes journals that shed light on various topics, and organizes conferences involving notable speakers. OMICS Group brings together eminent persons in the field of life sciences to present the latest findings in the relevant field through various publications of OMICS Group journals. To provide students, researchers and practitioners with the latest updates, OMICS invites articles from various authors covering the research activities and the underlying findings. All OMICS Group journals are subjected to authentication by a panel of editors and reviewers before being finally published. Through this methodology, OMICS Group ensures that the most relevant and latest information is presented to the readers.

OMICS Journals are listed alphabetically for easy reference and retrieval, and can be translated to other languages. As OMICS Publishing Group follows the Open Access standards for OMICS Group Journals, the content of the journals can be copied and distributed without making modifications and by providing proper citation. OMICS supports Open Access journals that cover the latest developments in the field of sciences, particularly those concerning with biological and medical research. OMICS Conferences is a series of evens organized by the OMICS Group in each calendar year at various locations in the US and abroad, that brings together scientists and respective domain experts as part of the OMICS International Conferences, which serve as a catalyst for advances in the relevant field. OMICS Conferences also features panel discussions and poster presentations to derive the most out of the meets. For more information you can visit

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