Osteoporosis Protocol and the Drug Company Scam

Osteoporosis Protocol and the Drug Company Scam 2

Osteoporosis Protocol is a new product designed to create relief from osteoporosis using a specific formula or “protocol” that avoids expensive drugs and other pharmaceutical products designed to create arthritis and osteoporosis relief.

The processes uses bone “remodelling” which effectively replaces the bones that are causing the issue.  Bones that are unable to regenerate new tissue become hollow and brittle and more susceptible to breaking. It is what many medical and scientific experts call “bone death”.  osteo-2

This is the basic cause of osteoporosis and osteopenia – what actually occurs is that the human skeleton is replaced every 10 years.

Many people will try and use supplements such as calcium, vitamin D or magnesium, but these alone are not going to cure bone problems.  They only treat bones that are already dying and the ‘trick’ is to ensure you are replacing the dying bones with new bones that are dense and healthy.

If you are not replacing your bones with good quality bone tissue then you are making yourself susceptible to osteoporosis.

osteo-3The 3 Step – Stop Osteoporosis Program

1.  Develop the specific foods, minerals and vitamins that are going to ensure bone health, using ‘multi function proteins and other key ingredients.

2.  Take the items in a specific combination daily.  You receive a list of foods, vitamins and minerals with multi-functional proteins or organic chemicas that are readily available, and

3.  Follow a specific treatment protocol for 21 days.  The directions are specific and show how they are combined to create optimum treatment of your condition.

How Does it Work?

Osteoporosis Protocol provides a treatment program is specifically designed to treat osteoporosis in a manner that uses the key ingredients and combines them in a manner that creates massive benefits quickly.

The idea is to actually heal fractured and broken bones and to provide reliefnot just from the diseases, but also financial relief from a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical business based on keeping those who suffer from the disease on drugs that may or may not work.

Osteoporosis risk factors

A variety of factors contribute to osteoporosis and there are a variety of osteoporosis medications and diets that are designed to treat or cure your problem.

Many of these have a very beneficial effect, but the problem is often that they do not necessarily address the issue of renewing bones with healthy bone tissue.

A good treatment or cure should involve bone replacement or regeneration that serves to create new, healthy bone free of the disease.

Diet, lifestyle, genetics and other factors serve to create problems with bones and affect those with arthritis and osteoporosis.

But there are first rate, inexpensive treatment options.

What IS Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a progressive bone disorder or disease that progressively weakens the bone density.

Many drug companies are working on treatments and drugs to combat the disease with mixed results, however the risk of osteoporosis fractures can be reduced with lifestyle changes and in those with previous osteoporosis related fractures, medications. Lifestyle change includes diet, exercise and some other key changes.

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