Ouhlala Gourmet Corp Launches Fruitsnack.com to Promote Healthy Snacks Made of Pure Fruit as an Alternative to Junk Food

Ouhlala Gourmet Corp Launches Fruitsnack.com to Promote Healthy Snacks Made of Pure Fruit as an Alternative to Junk Food

Coral Gables, Florida, April 14 – Ouhlala Gourmet Corp, which was founded by Jerome Lesur and Fabian Milon, is launching the new site Fruitsnack.com to promote its revolutionary fruit snacks, Buddy Fruits and Buddy Bites.

Buddy Fruits and Buddy Bites, which are made of 100% natural fruit, are nutritious alternatives to junk food that appeal to both children and adults. The founders of Ouhlala Gourmet Corp believed so much in their product that they left their comfortable lives in France to spread the concept across America.

Buddy Fruits come in a squeezable, re-sealable pouch (3.2 oz. – 90g) and contain blended fruit flesh. The product has a shelf life of 12 months and doesn’t require refrigeration. One pouch is equal to one serving of fruit and contains no sugar or additives. Buddy Fruits is ideal for lunch boxes, travel, snacks, picnics, and more. It comes in five flavors that have been specially formulated for US consumers: Mango, Strawberry, Apple-Cinnamon, Multifruit, and Banana.

Fruit pouches were already a best-selling concept in France and other parts of Europe, and they have proven to be a phenomenal success in the US, as well. Buddy Fruits is already sold in more than 10,000 stores by several major US retailers, including Walmart, 7/11, Winn Dixie, Publix, HEB, etc. It is also carried by an extended distribution network that includes KEHE, UNFI, Charlie’s Produce, Indy Fruits, and more.

Fabian, a former restauranter from France and co-founder of Ouhlala Gourmet Corp, said, “With Buddy Fruits, we reconcile tasty with healthy and use a convenient concept that kids will enjoy every day. It is a quick solution to a healthy lunchbox snack. Our wish is to expose children to better eating habits. We do think that a familiar recipe combined with attractive packaging is the best way to help children meet their daily fruit requirements.”

After the phenomenal success of Buddy Fruits, Jerome and Fabian decided to create Buddy Bites, which offer the pleasure of candy without the guilt. Buddy Bites are made with real fruit and contain no sugar or additives. They only have 95 calories and there are four flavors to choose from: Orange, Pomegranate/Acai, Raspberry, and Apple. Buddy Bites come in a convenient, re-sealable pouch that will fit in your child’s lunch box or in your back pocket. By promoting Buddy Fruits and Buddy Bites through their new site, Fruitsnack.com, Jerome and Fabian aim to help more parents teach their children healthy eating habits.

About Ouhlala Gourmet Corp

Jerome Lesur, Fabian Milon, and his family founded Florida-based Ouhlala Gourmet Corp after taking a road trip on Route 66 in the US. They were looking for healthy snacks for Fabian’s son on the road and were surprised to discover that fruit pouches, a best-selling product in France, didn’t exist in the US. Knowing that fruit pouches were a convenient way to get one’s daily serving of fruits, especially while traveling, Fabian and Jerome decided that they would bring the concept to the US. Their pure fruit snacks have since captured the attention and interest of America’s increasingly health-conscious consumer base.

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