David Parker

David Parker 2

Retaining his position from last year, Attorney General David Parker has had a mixed year, ranging from trade and export issues to environment issues and the gun control legislation brouhaha.

Perhaps his most significant current role is unravelling the complex mess of decision-making in the Resource Management arena from the country’s surplus of local authorities, a problem in desperate need of a lasting solution. The Attorney General is preparing to – at last – truly reform the RMA in what the Environmental Defence Society says is “arguably the most important environmental review panel of our times.”

Most recently he has also been involved as Deputy Finance Minister in moves to block foreign investors buying into key infrastructure assets, military technology companies and media groups.

But as senior law minister he continues to have a powerful influence over the appointments processes to both the Bench ande Bar, noting that the 2019 QC appointments would reflect his view on a reduced number to the ranks of QCs.

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