David Williams QC

david williams arbitrator

Sir David Williams QC, former jurist and New Zealand’s leading arbitrator may have slowed his work somewhat, and certainly COVID restricted his globe-girdling, but he retains the role as one of the country’s leading, complex arbitration practitioners.

His work involving over 150 arbitrations, including oil and gas, joint ventures, reinsurance, construction and other disputes places him at the forefront of international arbitration work of which four of his most recent briefs have involved claims in excess of $1 billion.

He also has an office with other Bankside Chambers’ members at Maxwell Chambers, Singapore and is a door tenant at Essex Court, London.

He is on the Advisory Board of the International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA) and is president of the Cook Islands Court of Appeal.

He also teaches international arbitration at Auckland University Law School where he is an honorary professor and sits on a variety of international arbitration panels, as well as acting as a visiting speaker.Together with Amokura Kawharu, he is co-author of Williams and Kawharu on Arbitration (LexisNexis, 2011).

He was knighted in the 2017 honours list.

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