Ranks of ResearchWritingCenter.com Extend as Number of Custom Writers Hits 500

Apart from providing a competitive and profitable job for professional academic and business writers, ResearchWritingCenter.com has yet another ultimate goal. Namely, to become a truly worldwide community, thus establishing a certain association of talented and educated people and becoming a center of intercultural exchange. Therefore, ResearchWritingCenter.com tracks the number of its writers with great attention. This is why the number of people the company cooperates with hitting five hundred gave rise to a full-fledged celebration among the workers of the company.

“Five hundred writers are not that many at first glance,” the CEO of ResearchWritingCenter.com shares his feelings. “But anyway it’s a good foundation. Even now, we have achieved quite a success in uniting talented people worldwide.”

The company statistics reveal that around half of ResearchWritingCenter.com authors are from the US and the EU, more notably in Germany, France, Spain and the UK. Another half are scattered throughout the world with most of writers living in India, China, Japan and Middle Eastern countries. “You can see that these countries are, and always were, centers of culture and civilization,” the CEO of the company says. “I’m fairly sure that there’re quite a number of educated and talented people in the countries of the Third World, but let’s be honest with ourselves: how many of them have an access to the Internet?”

You can find further information on the company and its events at researchwritingcenter.com website or through its live writers support department.

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