Remote Outlook Splitter Services Launched

Gothenburg, Sweden, January 27, 2012 – This release informs Microsoft® Outlook users that company’s Split PST software is available with Remote Access Installation service so that while using Outlook splitter application, users do not directly jump to buy software before that give a glimpse to newly introduced Remote Access Installation service.

According to this service, experts first check whether Outlook data user need to split is free from corruption. If Outlook data damaged, then via this service first damaged data repaired. After data restored, recovered, and repaired, then experts go to split PST files into many small sized PST files. For this service, user needs to contact support department, as they are liable to provide correct instructions about this service.

Evan Swans, company’s senior head for product development team, commented, “This insignificant and undistinguished facility is additional help to users for which the charge is given to our support team. The Remote Access Installation service is easy from user’s side as users need not to do anything as our experts remotely access PC and operate machine sitting remotely. The connection established with certain techniques, the beneficial part is that Outlook user need not to do anything except to send status of PST files that need to split into small parts to support via email. After considering your request, experts go through your PST file, and then remotely access your PC and carry out Outlook split PST file into small parts.”

“If you think that data is confidential and you do not want to disclose what is in your PST file, then it is better not to use this service. In addition, the best part of this faculty s that you are required to pay only for that amount that you need to split. In all respect, it is pocket-friendly and timesaving too.” Said Joseph Cain heading of helpdesk team 

About SysTools: This privately owned software provider company created tools like Export Notes, SQL Recovery, and Gmail Backup Recovery etc. There is Remote Access Installation service with Split PST software or Outlook splitter tool

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