Resus Digital Signage Makes Dull High Streets Bright & Attention-grabbing

Marketing and advertising play a key role in succeeding in the first step of sales that is– catching the customers’ attention. Digital signage is the latest way to get the marketing message across in shopping centers, hotels, corporate lobbies, and colleges etc. However, outdoor digital signage in high streets is more beneficial as it is viewed by a far more number of people than indoor digital signage. Retailers today are also focusing on delivering excellent customer service apart from quality products to beat the tough competition out there. Digital signage is a remarkable way to reach out to the customers.
The High Street has had its fair share of downers lately, first the internet shopping next the recession. With impressive and latest digital signage, high street stores can be looking on the bright side. With the advances in technology, hi-fi digital signs are being used by SMBs that not just make the high street more interactive but also help boost sales significantly. Shop owners and corporations are now ready to embrace new digital signage technology to make a customer’s experience more enjoyable. Shopping from stores is fast catching up, thanks to digital signage.
Resus provides high-quality and cost-effective digital signage solutions that help in brand building and enhancing customer loyalty. Resus digital signage options include rear projection TVs, LCDs, plasmas, DLPs, wall projectors, and traditional CRTs. Smaller signs are typically either small LCD or CRT displays. Touch screens are available for virtually any sized display, and can add an interactive component to an otherwise non-interactive display medium. It must be remembered that moving images are 33% better than static advertising in terms of appeal. Also, a customer remembers a digital message 5 to 10 times more than static signage.
A customer when asked about shopping online and in real time said, “Retail has the perfect platform for seeing and trying goods in real-time, and I feel that the internet is still relatively static. Shoppers are now changing the way they shop and buy products. Shop owners have now realized that improved customer service and modern ways of marketing for example through digital displays is making a difference.”
Touch screens and digital signs have become cheaper in recent times due to the America Market using up over 80% of all the screens to push and interact with shoppers. With the launch of 3D digital signs that actually make a product seem like it is floating in the air, this will make way for a truly wonderful shopping experience.
Cost is always the main factor when dealing with retailers, Tim Warrington from digital signage said “The high street has suffered badly over the last few years, it is time to fight back using all the means at its disposal. Amazing as it may seem with eliminating normal poster practices not only save money but also helps the environment, with digital signage systems from only £7 per month it saves on printing.” He further added, “The high street is still way behind when it comes to marketing, they need to jump into the 21st century and use new equipment to make the customers experience new and exciting digital signage solutions. We are glad that retailers are now realizing the difference between dull and boring high streets and attention-grabbing, lively streets with striking billboards and digital displays.”
Retailers have the chance to catch up with the internet, and give shoppers a great shopping experience. Resus digital signage has global satisfied customers and is the leading provider of digital signage marketing, set-up and total management and consulting services. If you need more information on digital signs or need to plan your digital signage marketing, please contact us at or

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