Rita Lambrino- Accurate and innovative weighing Systems

Speaking of “Identification, Weighing and Control” it is synonymous with Solutions, Quality and Trust. It is with this philosophy that Rita Lambrino started Scales n Tools. This company offers to the market the widest range of solutions to their needs, Weighing, Identification and Control of processes. This is done either through the manufacture of scales and weighing systems, representation of brands and technology equipment art, or through the development and integration of systems. It involves scales and weighing systems, jewelry tools, metal detectors, verifiers dynamic weight band, labeling and automatic labeling machines, printers, automatic applicators, among others.

In order to represent a new alternative for the market value of Scales, balances and weighing and identification systems in general, they focus on primarily lines, encompassing the same range of weighing products distributed by Scales n Tools. Lines include:body bath scales, industrial weighing, kitchen scales, weighing business, weighing analytical and research, coded and labeling, systems at the end of the line, inspection and verification, etc.

Since its founding date, and by having a defined and consistent business philosophy, Scales n Tools has achieved unprecedented growth and market positioning due to 3 fundamental premises: their unwavering commitment to quality in all areas of the corporation, vocation for service and customer care, focus on innovation and technological development.

Today, Rita Lambrino offers a leading business group in scales, weighing systems, identification and end of the line, with presence exclusively distributed world-renowned brands. Despite the high degree of confidence they have shown all the equipment and systems designed, marketed and installed by us, it is worth noting the support of our service department is highly qualified and trained by domestic and foreign suppliers. They ensure calibration, corrective or preventive maintenance, etc.

The new encoder is the result of research efforts and technological development that have always distinguished this type of products and it is now embodied in a modern and efficient team coded for the most sophisticated to meet industry requirements.

Among their scales, there are different sizes and types. Scales have many advantages: easy to operate, tare function that facilitates the realization of recipes. On their website you will find different scales model. They can be powered by batteries or through the network have a weight range up to 150 kg and a readability of 0.01 and 50 g. Some models have an optional software package that enables the transmission of weight data to a computer. This can be of great interest in the leisure sector.

For any inquiry, request or concern about their service area please contact 1-800-785-6080. Feel free to check and browse around http://scales-n-tools.com/. Technicians and engineers are at your disposal to advise you about these products, measuring instruments and the remaining balances.

For more about body bath scales visit http://scales-n-tools.com/ !

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