Rob Lowe, who served as deputy communications director under Martin Sheen’s President Bartlet on The West Wing, will be chief celebrity wrangler for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s California gubernatorial campaign. Go Sam . . er, Rob.

No word yet on Lowe’s duties from Schwarzenegger himself. At Schwarzenegger’s headquarters, spokeswoman Karen Hanretty allowed that an announcement on campaign staff would be made in the “coming days”–perhaps about the same time Citizen Arnold, so far minus a platform, formally shares “his vision” for the state.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Schwarzenegger spouse Maria Shriver is lobbying for Lowe. The two are said to be longtime friends.

Lowe, like Shriver, is a Democrat. Schwarzenegger, much to the dismay of Rush Limbaugh, is a Republican. Lowe, unlike Schwarzenegger, is a seasoned political hand. He manned a Kool-Aid stand for presidential candidate George McGovern in 1968; joined forces with Jane Fonda in 1986 to campaign in California for a clean-drinking water initiative; talked up Democratic White House hopeful Michael Dukakis in 1988; and, like all good Congress members, fell victim to a sex scandal in 1989.

The scandal stemmed from a videotaped hotel-room encounter with two female constituents, one of them under age, at the 1988 Democratic convention in Atlanta.

Lowe’s Bad Influence reputation waned with marriage and, later, his Emmy-nominated turn on The West Wing.

The 39-year-old Brat Pack alum left the NBC series midway through last season in a tiff over the size of his paycheck and/or the amount of his screen time. His character was dispatched to Orange County, California, to run for Congress.

Lowe’s due back in prime time in September on the new NBC series, The Lyon’s Dan, about Washington, D.C. lawyers.

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