Rosie O’Donnell, (right) actress and former talk show host, began her trial in New York on Thursday, where she’s suing her magazine publisher. But that’s not all. The publishers, Gruner & Jahr, are countersuing Rosie for $100 million alleging that she acted unprofessionally and breached her contract by pulling out of her publishing venture. In the opening statement, a lawyer for Guner & Jahr claimed that the star “had a foul-mouthed temper tantrum” when discussing contents of the September 2002 issue with newly hired editor Susan Toepfer.

“She is a celebrity, vindictive and usually gets her way, and surrounds herself with people who would placate her,” the Guner & Jahr opening arguments claimed. “She didn’t have the right to abandon the joint venture.”

At the time she left, O’Donnell said the company had broken its agreement about control over the magazine’s content.

O’Donnell has filed a counter suit for $125 million, claiming the publisher took over full control of the magazine despite their deal.

Outside the courthouse Thursday morning, O’Donnell said she was fighting to clear her name after what she alleges was a hostile takeover of Rosie.

“Every person as successful as me has the reputation of being difficult, especially if you’re a woman,” O’Donnell told reporters. “It’s funny to me that I’m going to court for this. It’s hysterical to me.”

O’Donnell also said, “We had a business deal; it went wrong.”

O’Donnell, whose highly rated daytime television show came to an end in May, embarked on her publishing venture in early 2001, giving her name to relaunch Gruner & Jahr’s magazine, McCall’s. McCall’s targeted women 30 to 45 years of age.

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