Software to keep full control over computer when you are not present

Our company provides cost effective and comprehensive solution to monitor your employees, kids, spouse and other user activities performed on your computer or laptop devices in your absence in encrypted log file for future uses.
We provide best key logger software to record entire typed key strokes by the user and generate report of all recorded detail in html or txt format as per user requirement.
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We offer you award winning key logger software to monitor your employees, children, spouse, friends and other user activities performed on your computer machine in your absence. Our professional key logger software is designed and developed by the highly qualified team of proficient software developer to record entire types of key strokes such as entered email, password, voice chat conversations, email conversations, typed documents, visited websites, clipboard activities and other user activities performed on your computer devices in your absence.
Our trustworthy and secure computer monitoring software always works in hidden mode and does not appear on desktop, add and remove option, control panel, even hidden in installation path so users can not detect it. Reliable key logger software is fully capable to record entire voice chat conversations along with the systems sound details. Affordable and smart key logger program easily captures screenshots periodically so you can easily view what is going on your computer or laptop machine in your absence.
Our spy program does not degrades your computer systems performance and is fully password protect that prevents external users to change its configurations settings. Key logger software quickly generates all users’ activities reports in encrypted log files that can be sent at the user specified email address.
Best key logger software monitors each and every key pressed by user at regular time of interval.
Easy to use keylogger program automatically monitor as soon as system boot up.
Professional keyboard logger utility records internet cookies, sent compose mail, web URL’s, chat conversation etc.
Software completely works in background and it is simple to learn and use.
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