Software to Recover Excel Data has made GUI Simpler

Gothenburg, Sweden, April 23, 2011 – SysTools Excel Recovery software has launched in version 2.5 which has made process to recover Excel data easier than before. Under this version, many things are have been changed like GUI has made simpler and steps for MS Excel recovery process after corruption in Excel files because of number of reasons, has made easy to work with than before. This easiness has been made keeping in mind various non-technical users; they hitch to use this software to ( Repair XLS Worksheet easily as they find this software not well suited their purpose for recovery program for XLS file. Now, they can confidently come forward to employ XLS file repair and restoration process.
About ease and comfort associated with this software, Evan Swans enunciated in these words, “I am happy that our company has grown into a successful company which offers state-of-the-art facilities in software. We keep in mind every kind of users, the reason is that it is not compulsory that every user is well technical, still today many users with low technical knowledge exists, if we make solutions highly technical then where would they go, coming to back, to software to recover Excel data, the software has made easier to handle, it doesn’t mean that previously it was unmanageable, now made more easier so that in every aspect and for every user it can create magic.”

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