Soldier Technology Conference – Military and defense exhibitions

Technologies convert the whole world’s life. Everyday companies create new innovative ideas and develop new technology machines which make the life so wonderful and relaxed. Like other equipments, armies, military also create and use new technologies to protect their countries.

Soldier technology conference is meeting space where national military modernization groups to network as company and complete various challenges by finishing most of the investments and their partnerships. These teams are from NATO national and having agreed partners all over the world. Armies, military, soldiers from MoDs and integrators use soldier technology conference for communication and make plans for acquisition, research and development, implements through trials and teams to catch these exhibition for getting in advanced.

The next conference will be organized at Hotel near Olympia exhibition center, WBR Worldwide Business Research, 129 Wilton roads, SW1V1JZ London, Great Britain & Northern Ireland from 6th June to 8th June of 2012.

As the mentioned soldier program’s and actively working of armies and company, there are products like soldier equipment and soldier systems which are supplied from various tactical suppliers as tactical supplies:

• Radio system for communications and connectivity
• Optical system
• Batteries and power supply for day vision or night
• Helmets
• Tactical weapons / armors

For these sectors, various exhibitions and fairs are arranged to introduce soldiers with new innovative soldier systems and its equipments:

• Military and defense exhibitions
• Soldier protection security
• Armor fairs
• Defense company exhibitions
• Defense and protection technology trade fairs

Defense Company Sectors:

• Armor
• Defense industry
• Soldier technology
• Defense industry technology

Various New as Well as Exiting Opportunities which Effects Market Areas:

Military budget exists in compact form and competition expands for further contracts, then processes to be completed and continue the partnership within two way modes. So the best thing is having large projects in the hand of soldier community in which risk is at low rate.

Existing Market Opportunities

These opportunities exist in those usual markets where soldier equipments are budgeted as enclosed form. Like:

• MARKUS – Sweden
• VOSS – Netherlands
• NORMANS – Norway
• TYTAN – Poland
• IdZ – Germany
• ACMS – Singapore
• Warrior 2020 – Finland
• Project Land 125 – Australia
• ISSP – Canada
• ANOG – Israel

New Market Opportunities

Soldier systems constantly find new opportunities in new market areas. Like for future military countries like Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea and Turkey are to be found and other soldier equipment like SFT 21, F- Insas, Combatiente Brasiliero, Advanced Combat Infantry Equipment find from Thailand, India, Brazil, Japan countries.

How Modernized Program Managers Tell to Other Nations as:

As continuing of uncertainty, military budget cutting effect on whole program, program manager should take the correct decision for further business with their customers and their industries. Military technology is single event, which provides great opportunity to cover all the priorities and various challenges faced by decision makers. Program manager from these various countries have told that they have to select vendors and cover new approaches as:

• For neglect wastage, efficiency should be increased.
• For similar budget, business case study should be strong.
• Create innovative alternatives from new vendors from new market regions.

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