Spray Tan Emerges As The Safest Tanning Option

Every summer, we see a lot of people lying down on the beach to get that perfect looking tan. It is not just fair-skinned women who want that copper-toned skin, but men too want to have that beautiful sun-kissed tan look. Now it seems that a spray tan might be the only healthy option for all these people keen on tanning.

A few years back it was discovered that exposing the skin to the sun for long hours could be highly risky. That is because the sun’s UV rays could be a major factor that caused skin cancer. Thousands of people from across the world were suffering from skin cancer, and physicians warned people against exposing their skin to the sun for long. In fact, they even recommended the use of sun-screen lotions to protect the skin if they had plans to spend time at the beach.

The popularity of tanning began to go down as people started to take notice of this real threat. This led to the making of some unique tanning products that were targeted at all those people who still wanted a beautiful tanned look.

A major success story was the tanning bed. But there was bad news there too. The World Health Organization released a study that showed that these beds increased the risk of melanoma, particularly among those who are less than 35 years of age. The Food and Drug Administration has since then already taken steps to prevent teens from using these beds. In some US states, it is necessary to have a doctor’s prescription to use these beds.

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