SQL BAK File Recovery Software Most Cost-Effective Solution

Gothenburg, Sweden, December 09, 2011– Company informs the users that SQL BAK File Recovery software is the most cost effective utility for SQL Backup Recovery process. Due to its low price, it doesn’t mean that it compromises with quality, all the users, who choose this tool, get qualitative and guaranteed results in SQL Backup Recovery process. This SQL BAK file recovery software is available for every kind of use and each user, who chooses it, comfortably recovers the database files from corrupted/damaged SQL backup with it.

Lab Director Allegan says about the pricing and availability of SQL BAK file recovery software, “There are three license versions available to recover SQL backup files such as:
1. Personal license edition of the software is useful for non-commercial uses because it recovers unlimited BAK file on single computer/ machine.
2. Business/ commerce license edition of SQL Backup recovery software is best for single business or small business organization. This license version is available at $399 only.
3. For enterprise license edition, you have to contact support person via mail.

The only difference likened to these editions is that, you will get limited installation support. For more information, click on link http://www.systoolsgroup.com/sql-backup-recovery/order-now.html

Susan Kaet, Director, Web Team Group, “This program is one of the safest and easiest SQL backup recovery solutions and its cost-effective licenses attract many enterprises. This computer program is used, when enterprises rummage around for best BAK File Recovery solution.”

Gordon Brown, Head of the Domain said about software features, “SQL backup recovery tool is one of the best applications that are developed by our developers and engineers. It can easily and proficiently recover the damaged/corrupted/inaccessible SQL BAK files without altering or damaging the data information. The best feature of this tool is that you become able to recover deleted tables of bak files (not overwritten) in reasonable cost. ”

Evan Swans, director of company expressed his gratitude to company developers and engineers, “Thanks Developing Team for developing the software like SQL Backup Recovery. The software is affordable and provides guaranteed outcomes by recovering critical information from damaged SQL backup database. http://www.databaserepair.net/corrupt-sql-backup-recovery

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