Sun Laboratories, the Makers of the Best Tanning Products, Offers up to 50 percent Discount to Salon Owners

Sun Laboratories of California is offering a staggering 50 percent discount at this time to salon owners who want to order one of the tanning products from the company. The salon owners are required to place an order valued between $400 and $6699 to avail this special discount. The order can be placed at to select the items wanted, or they can also call up 800-333-6003 ext 143 and ask for the discount offered. The products on offer from Sun for salon owners include sun tan accelerators, airbrush tan, tanning lotions, and creams. Remember, these are some of the best tanning products available in the market today.

This is great news for all those salon owners who want one of these self tanning products that have become hugely popular in the last few years. A discount of 50 percent means that the salons can now offer services to their customers at a lower price, and stand out from the competition. This discount offer is expected to help Sun Laboratories too as they will be able to reach out to more salons across the country.

Incidentally, many salon owners have already taken up the offer, and a lot of the self tanner items offered have been sold off. This means that the salons who haven’t yet taken up the offer need to do this quickly because they do not want to fall behind due to a price disadvantage.

Tanning products have become very popular in the recent times, as this allows users to get the same sun-kissed natural tan look at home or at a salon. There’s no need to spend money or time to go to a beach resort for that natural looking tan anymore. A tanning product will also protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the Sun, and will contribute to the prevention of wrinkles. It will also make the skin appear younger. This is certainly great news for all those who want to save money in these difficult economic times, and yet desire a beautiful looking and healthy skin.

The demand for these products is going up more as an increasing number of people are discovering the many advantages of these tanning products. A lot of them are opting for a product from Sun Laboratories because these items are good for the skin, and they do not cause any side effects too. Sun Laboratories is a well known name now, and many people who visit a salon are specifically asking for a tanning product from Sun. Most salon owners will not be able to ignore what their clients are asking for.

About Sun Laboratories: Sun Laboratories was established under the name of Giesee in 1983. The business name was changed later when it started to grow rapidly. The company today has its research and development facilities at Chatsworth in CA where the products are conceptualized, tested, and created. Please visit to know more about the company and its tanning products.


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