How Tech Is Changing How We Drink

How Tech Is Changing How We Drink 2


How Tech Is Changing How We Drink 3Many people love drinking as a way to kick back and relax, and some people drink for their health; however, drinking too much can lead to drunk driving and result in hurting other motorists as attorneys and others know only too well.

According to Denena Points, the law firm’s website points out the significant variety of injuries from a vehicle accident, and alcohol plays a very big part in accidents that happen every day.

But there are also significant changes occurring in the way we are drinking.  Technology is rapidly changing how we operate today, and it is also changing how we drink. Today we will go over a few of the ways technology is altering the way we drink. Let’s get started!

  1. BrewGene

BrewGene is an app that helps beer lovers figure out what to drink. It suggests different beers that a person would really enjoy. The app will help you decide what to buy when you are faced with a lot of choices.

All you have to do is pick some of the 40,000+ listed beers in the app, and it will automatically provide you with the selection that best matches your likes in the beers you might enjoy.

  1. Transdermal System

Transdermal system, on the other hand, is not for beer and alcohol lovers. This technology is designed to detect if a person about to drive a vehicle is intoxicated. This works by scanning a person’s sweat levels.

The reason for this is that the transdermal system measures the blood alcohol content (BAC) level in a person’s sweat. This technology will determine whether you have already gone beyond the alcohol level limit set by state laws.

  1. Alcohol Sensor

Alcohol sensor is a sophisticated version of a breathalyzer. The problem with a breathalyzer is that it’s very intrusive. This is because you will surely be forced to use it if a traffic enforcer stops you and asks you to blow into it to check if you’re drunk.

There is a more discreet way to do this, and it’s through an alcohol sensor installed in every car. Once installed, all the traffic enforcers have to do is read a sensor by scanning it in a person’s vehicle.

However, there is still controversy in passing a bill that will require every car owner to have it installed. Some people are against the bill and insist not to use taxpayer money to pay for the things they don’t want.

  1. Thermal Facial Imaging

This technology is used to detect if the person is a minor and is not allowed to purchase alcohol. It’s very clear that there is a law that prevents liquor stores from selling wine product to minors. Using thermal facial imaging, retailers and store clerks can easily identify if the person is a minor.

Moreover, the technology can also be used to stop people from buying more alcohol if they are already drunk. This device scans the heat concentration on a person’s face to measure the level of intoxication.


Everybody has his or her own opinion regarding alcohol, and we can’t deny that there are many people who love to kick back and enjoy their favorite alcoholic beverage. As a result, there is huge demand for technologies that can boost drinking.

However, the government is very serious in regulating alcohol because of its side-effects. The government does what it must to implement the laws using state-of-the-art technologies that can detect whether a person is drunk, especially in public places where a person might hurt his or herself and others.

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