The Downfalls Of Relationships

Being in a happy and strong relationship is one of the most beautiful feeling and blessing for a person. The companionship and the existence of the person you love make the world go round. In the first few months or years of a relationship, everyone feels on cloud nine, as the ecstasy it provides is unparalleled. However, as the relationship moves on, it faces the harsh realities of life. The transition is tough for many couples and the relationship is exposed to the storm of challenges. The problems faced in a relationship include stress levels and anger, lack to time, infidelity, lack of communication and financial strain.

Due to sky- high level of stress in everyone’s lives, people are forced to work in undesirable working conditions which lead to frustration and anger. Moreover couples don’t have time for each other, their families and their partners. The threat of infidelity or adultery. Busy lives don’t allow partners enough time to please each other physically and emotionally which leads to attraction outside marriage. Lack of communication widens gap between the partners in a relationship. The result of all this is an increase in the distance between the partners, alienating them and making them indifferent towards each other’s feelings, desires and wants. So it is very necessary for the partners to overcome the barriers to communication and communicate effectively.

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