The Return of Monica Lewinsky – Breathing New Life into Bill Clinton’s Affair

15 February 2012 – The Monica Lewinsky affair with Bill Clinton is back – at least in the public forum with documentaries that resusitate the affair with Bill Clinton that occurred with Lewinsky, a White House intern, 14 years ago.

The documentaries include in-depth interviews from White House staffers and confidantes who were around Clinton in the darkest days of his Presidency in an affair that scandalized his presidency.

One such trusted aide, Betsey Wright, begged Clinton not to run for President because of all his past affairs.

Writer Gail Sheely said Wright had serious concerns stating, “The day before the press conference he was going to announce that he was going to run, Betsey Wright, his ferociously protective campaign manager, sat him down with a list of names of women and went through one after the other. ‘How many times? Where did you meet her? How likely is she to talk?” Clinton said for each name that ‘she’ll never say anything’, but Miss Wright replied, ‘But you don’t know that!’ Miss Wright supposedly told Clinton, ‘The problem is we’re not just talking about you, we’re talking about your wife, we’re talking about your child.’ She said I don’t think you can run.’”

Clinton eventually won the presidency in 1992, but six years later, his risky infidelities caught up to him as he became embroiled in a sex scandal with the 25 year old intern that would scar his Presidency for life.

Lewinsky alleged that between November, 1995 and March, 1997, she had nine sexual encounters with President Clinton that, according to her testimony, involved fellatio, anilingus, and other sexual acts which included the use of a cigar in the Oval Office, but that did not involve sexual intercourse.

The Lewinsky affair was not Clinton’s first indiscretion. He was confronted with allegations of sexual misconduct during his tenure as Governor of Arkansas, which included a civil lawsuit against him by former Arkansas state employee, Paula Jones, who alleged he had sexually harassed her.

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