The superstar-under-fire evidently paid more than $20 million to settle claims made by a boy. And that’s 1993 dollars.

Pop singer Michael Jackson paid out more than $20 million to settle a civil suit by a boy who accused him of molesting him in 1993, Court TV reported Tuesday.

Jackson maintained the settlement did not signify an admission of any wrongdoing against the boy or his parents, according to the agreement obtained by Court TV.

Jackson agreed to pay $15.3 million to be held in a trust fund for the accuser, now 24, as well as $1.5 million to each of his parents, Court TV reported.

The accuser may have also received another payment of up to $7 million not specified in the agreement. Additionally, the plaintiff’s lawyer was slated to receive $5 million, Court TV reported.

Attempts by CNN to obtain comment from Jackson spokespeople were unanswered Tuesday.

Jackson, 45, is accused of multiple child-molestation charges that stem from incidents the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s office alleges took place in 2002 with a boy who was then 12.

Jackson pleaded not guilty last month to seven counts of engaging in lewd and lascivious acts with a minor and to two counts of plying the 12-year-old with an intoxicant.

Evidence related to the 1993 accusations could be admitted as evidence of prior criminal behavior in Jackson’s current case — but only if the now-adult accuser is willing to testify. California state law bars prosecutors from compelling the accuser in the 1993 case to answer questions.

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