TI DSP Evaluation Development Board

Toronto, Canada – GAO Embedded (www.GAOEmbedded.com) has launched this TI DSP evaluation development board which is designed as a daughter card for easy integration into a user’s system. It provides testing code for testing CCS, PWM, ADC, SPI, SCI, CAN communication, FFT, DC brush/brushless motor and AC motor SPWM and SVOWM. This development board is well-suited for applications including study, scientific research, experimentation and product development.
This TI DSP evaluation development board, model DES6713, is based on a high performance, floating-point DSP – the TMS320C6713GDP225 – running at a frequency of 225MHz and operating at up to 1800MIPS. It provides 256kB of on chip RAM and an extended 128kb Flash EEPROM to store user-code. Additionally, users can use dual-layer PCB to test highest-performance floating-point DSP, and avoids a complicated multi-layer design for BGA package DSP systems.
Please visit http://www.GAOEmbedded.com for more information or to purchase this product online.
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About GAO Embedded
GAO Embedded (www.GAOEmbedded.com) is a leading provider of embedded development tools that serve the needs of electronic professionals internationally.

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