Traumatic Head Injury Leads to Personal Injury Lawsuit

Traumatic Head Injury Leads to Personal Injury Lawsuit 2

Playing sport has always carried risks, but a girl who suffered a traumatic head injury as a result of a soccer practice collision has seen her family file a personal injury lawsuit for the head injury.

The lawsuit, filed in Chester County, Philadelphia, says coach Craig Reed put the girl, who was a freshman at Downingtown High School East, her back in the game with no medical evaluation, according to family attorney Aaron Freiwald.

“Pennsylvania law requires that when there’s evidence that a student may have suffered a concussion, they have to come out of the game,” Freiwald tells KYW Newsradio. “They have to be evaluated and, if necessary, they have to receive medical treatment. None of that happened.”

Now, two years later, according to the lawsuit, she still suffers from headaches, fatigue, and other symptoms that have affected her academics and may have cost her a college athletic scholarship.

The suit names Reed, the school district, the superintendent, and others. The suit says that on the bus ride home after the collision, the girl began to get headaches and then, the next day, was dizzy and had vision problems.
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