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13 May 2011 – It is easily visible and clear to us that the law enforcement community has had to change due to the increase of violence and sophistication of crime in the streets. These types of changes have served as challenges to departments when trying to meet the needs of their respective communities. Every department has made changes throughout the years in order to adjust and combat crime. These changes have brought futuristic weapons that were once only the toys of soldiers, into the hands of law enforcement. Now police departments all over the country are able to obtain these weapons of the future to help them abate crime.

Who would have thought one of those tools would be a simple change in uniform colors. When Chief Bratton took over the NYPD they were wearing light blue police uniform shirts which he felt put them at a disadvantage. This light colored uniform made the officers look sloppy and ineffective in their fight against crime. Chief Bratton felt in order to gain the respect the NYPD deserved, they first needed to change the way they were perceived and he did this by simply changing the uniform they wore. This one little change of the NYPD police uniform transformed the department. Officers, citizens, and even criminals acknowledge the difference in the appearance of the officers. There was a wave of confidence and pride that swept over the department and it carried over into the field. The NYPD with Chief Bratton at the helm took a no prisoners attitude when it came to fighting crime. This aggressive form of enforcing the law required police uniforms that could handle a full day of work in the streets of New York and still keep an officer looking sharp at the end of their shift.

Tac1Gear.com has over 18 years of law enforcement experience and most of those years have been in the streets. We know what type of equipment and uniforms officers need to get the job done and that is why our police uniforms, tactical uniforms and military uniforms are second to none. We only sell what we believe in because our law enforcement officers deserve the best. Not only does Tac1Gear.com sell the best uniforms, but we sell them at the best prices with our guarantee of quality that police have come to depend on.

Military specification NYPD uniform pants are the perfect choice for law enforcement personnel. Our police style pants bring military utility to the law enforcement market. Of course these are ideal for law enforcement, public safety and the general public. These tactical pants are specifically made for long wearing and comfort. Patches can easily be sewn or glued on our NYPD uniform pants.

NYPD uniform pants are brand new and are Unisex – for both men and women. These Tactical pants were originally designed for police and paramedics. They are durable and can face any type of difficult task and are comfortable enough to be worn daily. The dark midnight navy blue color goes well with almost any NYPD uniform. Made of polycotton twill, with a water resistant Teflon coating, the NYPD uniform pants provide you with an excellent protection against the elements. These tactical pants also feature a YKK brand zipper, 5 inch utility pockets, expandable waistband, and cargo pockets with Velcro closures.

So whether it’s for the patrol officer in the field or the K9 unit at his side we have got you covered. Don’t be fooled by our low prices, our NYPD uniform shirts, NYPD uniform pants, and NYPD Tactical uniforms are the best your money can buy.

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