Wellington Singles Seeking Dates? The Matchcompany 20th Anniversary Party Promises Some NZ Dating & Wellington Dating Opportunities

Matchcompany.co.nz – Wellington, and one of New Zealand’s leading dating agencies, Matchcompany is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a Christmas party for members and others who have helped the NZ Dating and Wellington Dating agency celebrate its success.

With a large number of men and women coming to the event in Wellington on Saturday, Agency owner Rosie Bowie said she was excited by the prospect of entering a new era of personalised matchmaking with a new database and matchmaking systems being currently put in place.

“New Zealand dating has changed with the advent of online dating, but the personal matchmaking business has simply continued to grow from that,” she said.

“The Wellington dating scene is pretty vibrant and plenty of people are seeking dating assistance and do not want to trawl through online profiles and so on. Combined with other risks associated with online dating, the personalised matchmaking we offer is something that attracts a lot of people right across the social spectrum,” she said.

Men seeking dates and singles seeking partners can still contact Matchcompany to get tickets to the 20th anniversary, Matchcompany Christmas party.

Entertainment, drinks and a meal are provided as part of the festivities – along with the opportunity for singles to meet others in a convivial atmosphere.

Contact: Matchcompany

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