Women Lawyers Down Under Make Slow Progress – NZ Law Firm News

NZ Legal NewsNew Zealand law firms still languish behind other jurisdictions in terms of women making partner.

Following a UK survey, which showed that just over 14 per cent of women made partner in the top 50 UK law firms, LawFuel’s survey of our top firms shows the figure making partner is just 17 per cent.

The blame for the low figure in the UK was largely laid at the feet of inflexible work practices and long hours. This is despite one of London’s most successful woman lawyers, Fiona Shackleton, who represented Paul McCartney in his divorce among others, insisting upon balancing family and work commitments by leaving the office early to be with her two sons when they were growing up.

Of the top 26 law firms with 611 partners (excluding hybrids like principals, consultants and senior associates etc), there were only 104 female partners.

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