WordPress Warning From New WordPress Plugin Report about Best WordPress Plugins

An exlcusive WordPress Plugin report released on the Warrior Forum Special Offers shows which the best plugins are that are used by the top internet marketing gurus.

“Essentials WordPress Plugins” is a report based on a survey of the top WordPress plugins used by ‘gurus’ for their online success. Together with interviews with the gurus, the survey reduces the list of plugins to 16 of the best as used for security, search engine optimisation, fast loading and conversions.

Including interviews and advice from a range of internet marketers and SEO experts, including James Shramko, Matt Cutts, Tony Marriott, Daniel Tan, Richard Legg and others, the report is a comprensive look at what works best for internet marketers looking to fix WordPress hacking or WordPress security issues, the best plugins for conversions and making money online and the best WordPress plugins to avoid issues like Google’s Panda and Penguin updates recently.

For details on the “Essentials” report go to the Warrior Forum Special Offers and receive your copy.

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