Zylpha’s Secure Email System For Local Authorities Reduces Case And Court Bundle Times By Up to 80%

1 February 2012 – Zylpha, the UK’s leading innovator of legal document distribution has launched a new system that enables the secure electronic transmission of confidential and legal communications for local authorities. Typically these include: case files, court papers, contract tenders and meeting minutes. The system, which meets the highest levels of compliance, automatically confirms that delivery has been securely received within minutes.

On average Zylpha can reduce bundle preparation time by up to 80%, delivering a rapid return on investment and significantly reducing the pain of delivering all the correct documentation in what are often painfully tight time frames. Any subsequent changes made by users to the original document bundle are automatically re-indexed and re-paginated, by the system, to ensure the file remains fully up to date for all authorised users. The system allows bundles to be prepared in all popular file layouts including: PDF, Word, Excel, Visio and PowerPoint.
Tim Long – Zylpha’s MD
Tim Long – Zylpha’s MD

Zylpha provides a full support package for the system including: technical level administration, software upgrades and legislation updates. Users can access fixed rate consultancy to cover tailoring, enhancements, training and also maintenance.

Commenting on the launch Tim Long, Zylpha’s MD said; “Increasingly with so many clear benefits, local authorities are now moving rapidly towards electronic document bundling and secure delivery. As Zylpha integrates seamlessly with all leading case management systems these benefits are readily and easily accessible. With the preparation of bundles taking typically 80% less time to prepare than they did previously, the potential impact on budgets is positive and substantive.”

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