The Attorney Who Doesn’t Like Socks – And The Court Order he Faced

The Attorney Who Doesn't Like Socks - And The Court Order he Faced

Todd Glickfield is a feisty, successful attorney from Marion Indiana. One issue that was before the Court recently however was not recorded in the brief: he wasn’t wearing socks and the Judge ordered him to. Glickfield, as is his way when he believes in an issue, resisted. He is, according to one report, the Matthew McConnaughey of the Indiana bar. “I hate socks”, he said. He also doesn’t enjoy wearing ties. Case adjourned? Not quite.

Judge Dean documented the exchange with the recalcitrant counsel in a Court order, requiring Glickfied to wear socks in court, and a suit and tie come to that.

In the future, should Glickfield appear in court sans socks, “he will be subject to sanctions from the court which may include a delay ordered by the court in presenting his case, fines, continuances of pending proceeding[s] for which costs, fees and expenses may be awarded opposing parties and/or their counsel, or such other sanctions for contempt that the court may impose in order to maintain appropriate decorum during court proceedings,” Young wrote.

A failure to comply could lead to court sanctions or contempt of court proceedings against Glickfield.

In the three-page decorum directive, which is posted on The Indiana Law Blog, Young writes that when Glickfield appeared in his court on Aug. 22 he observed the attorney “was not wearing socks

During a break in the hearing, the order says, Young privately advised Glickfield “that he was not appropriately dressed as required by Local Rule, and that the court would insist upon him wearing socks should he choose to present cases in the Blackford Circuit Court in the future.”

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