The Aggressive Face of the Magic Circle

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Magic Circle firms are making strong moves to push back beyond their European bases and more into the global market, taking on their large, mainly US-based competitors.


LawFuel retracts the wrong and defamatory allegations it has made against Mr Sergey Grishin, and unreservedly apologises to Mr Grishin for the damage caused to his reputation by such allegations. 

We published a series of articles about Mr Grishin, Ms Anna Fedoseeva, and Ms Jennifer Sulkess. The background material and drafts of all but one of the articles were provided to LawFuel by Jennifer Sulkess and those working with her and we passed those articles off as independent journalism when they were not. The articles were highly defamatory of Mr Grishin who we wrongly and falsely portrayed as an evil Russian oligarch involved in serious crimes. We have since removed the articles from our website. Read the apology here.

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