How do you choose the best DUI Lawyers?

dui lawyersWhat are the key questions you need to ask a lawyer when you have a drunk driving accident or incident? When you’re looking to be represented by a lawyer to represent you for a driving under the influence (DUI) charge there are some key questions you need to be asking.


LawFuel is focused on providing tips and advice and law news about all manner of lawyers, but with DUI you are dealing with one of the more common charges that people face and there are a great many lawyers professing ability in the area who may not in fact be as effective in their representation as you would want or expect.

Remember too that in most jurisdictions with something like basic criminal cases such as assault, drunkeness, DUI offences and similar, the system moves a great deal faster than it does with civil claims, such as for personal injury, bankruptcy or other claims. It is important therefore that you locate a DUI attorney quickly and locate one best suited to your requirements – and for a result that is the best you can get.

There are some key questions you need to ask your lawyer. First, find out about the lawyer’s or law firm’s background and experience.  How experienced are they and how successful have they been in their representation of DUI cases.

Some key questions You Can Ask

What experience of DUI law do you have?

How long have you been in practice?

What bar associations or other organisations do you belong to?

What other sort of work do you do and how prominent is the DUI or DWI  law in your practice area?

How many DUI clients do you handle annually? Do you know the prosecutor handling my case?

How often do you actually go to trial on a DWI or DUI case? Second, find out from them what the cost to represent you on the DUI charge or charges will be.

Lawyers vary hugely in what they charge.

Third, find out what they have to suggest by way of strategies and tactics you should be using.  A good lawyer will have not only an instinctive feel for what you’re facing, but will also be able to provide solid advice as to what you should be doing.

Four, make sure when you see your prospective attorney that you have all the necessary paperwork, the police reports, any bail or other papers relevant to your charge.  And make sure also that you have a list of your own notes about the accident or incident, including the names of both victims and witnesses.

Different DUI Offences

Remember that the very term “DUI” has different meanings.  You need to be aware of what they can mean.  For instance you may be charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, which is an OVI case.

Or you may be simply “operating while intoxicated”, which is “OWI”.  Or you may be driving while intoxicated (“DWI”), quite apart from the more common driving under the influence, which of course is our DUI charge. A little background reading and research, as well as preparing your own paperwork will help immeasurably in letting you ask the right questions, prepare your case, reduce your fees and increase the chances of a successful outcome in your DUI case.

As well as letting you get the best DUI lawyer around.

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