The limit for alcohol consumption in Arizona is .08 per cent and those in trouble with the DUI or DWI law seeking a Phoenix attorney able to assist with DUI offenses should take the time to research the best DUI lawyer for them.

Before you see a Phoenix DUI Lawyer

If you want to know some key steps to avoid the need to see a DUI lawyer then consider the following.

First, ensure you have your identification with you because the police will certainly take note of how easy (or otherwise) it is to find that ID information.

Second, avoid ‘field tests’ like touching your fingers to the nose, walking the line and so forth. If you fail or fumble on any of these it will count against you in subsequent prosecutions so just don’t take them at all. You have no law in Arizona that requires you to do so.

Third, take care not to answer questions from the police. They will always ask the preliminary questions like how much you have had to drink and so forth but simply say you need to see your attorney before answering questions. That does not mean you need to hunt down a Phoenix lawyer there and then, but rather you can exercise your constitutional right to not answer questions. Like the field tests, these can be used against you.

Four, don’t permit a search of your vehicle either. There is no warrant for them to search and you should not comply. Be polite, but firm.

Five, notwithstanding what is said, be co-operative and polite. Your attitude shouild be helpful, not hindering. Don’t try and be funny, aggressive or apologetic.

Six, you will need to take a blood or urine test because under the so-called implied consent law you are required to do so. Failure to do so will result in your license being suspended for at least a year even if you receive no DUI conviction. If you’re in Phoenix the most likely scenario is you will be taken to a station or testing site for a blood test and if the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is under .08 per cent you may escape being charged.

If your BAC is .15 per cent or more then you will be charged with DUI or extreme DUI.

Remember that the completion of your test will have you asked whether you want to waive the preservation of your sample. You must never waive it. It could be your salvation.

Seven, following a test ensure you go to a hospital or elsewhere and have aprivate test undertaken. A lower BAC can be used in your case.

Choosing a Phoenix DUI Attorney

First, you do not have to hire a lawyer but you should ideally get someone who has good experience with DUI cases, particularly Phoenix DUI cases because local knowledge can be vital to your success.

A good DUI attorney will not only make the necessary appearances and negotiate with the prosecutor, but will also keep you fully briefed on what is happening and what the various alternatives might be.

Do not go with any lawyer who says he will meet you on the day of the case or who is overly aggressive when it comes to dealing with the prosecutor.

Some Phoenix DUI Attorneys

The following include experienced DUI attorneys in Phoenix but are only a sampling and should not serve to exclude you making all necessary enquiries yourself.

Munoz Law Office, P.C.

Michael Munoz is an experienced criminal and DUI defense lawyer and a former major crimes prosecutor who handles DUI cases regularly. His office will provide a free case review with a free consultation.

As a former vehicular crimes prosecutor Michael Munoz that now focuses on helping people in tough situations. His understanding of how the system works from the inside and utilizes that information to benefit his clients.

Rolstead Law Firm provides criminal defense and DUI representation. They are well experienced in defense and DUI, DWI work.

The Law Offices of Mark D. Dubiel have been specializing in DUI law since 2001, Mark Dubiel has been one of the top DUI lawyers in Phoenix handling DUI work, as well as working in Scottsdale on DUI charges.

Verdura Law Group PLLC, we are former prosecuting attorneys with a strong background in criminal defense and a good track record with good represetation of clients.