LegalTech: Legal Documentation Automation

Featured App:
Draft Lens – “Our intelligent and intuitive contract generation engine allows lawyers to draft without typing a word.

LegalTech: Legal Documentation Automation 1


A SaaS platform for negotiating smarter contracts and collaborating on documents.

Contract Mill

A platform to digitize  legal work, business and processes.

Contract Book

Contract management from one platform.


Provides ability to upload and reformat any documents easily.

Draft Lens

US. A contract drafting platform to provide greater produtivity, faster.


US.  An app that permits allow companies to better prepare, review, negotiate, execute and manage their contracts.

Legal Gateway


Australia. A  software platform that uses the latest in machine learning to automate contract creation and review.


UK & Sweden. A contract automation and contract management platform



US. A contract automation and contract management platform

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