Canada.  A tax reseaarch tool to analyze prior tax decisions for likely outcomes.


US.  Billing itself as a LexisNexis-Westlaw replacement at less than half the cost, CaseText’s AI research tool CARA finds cases with the same facts, legal issues and jurisdiction.


Turkey. Hukuk Work search technology uses artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy and speed to locate relevant case law.

US.  A research platform that colects disparate information by using technology to search for key links, rather than just keywords, providing legal research assistance.

Canada.  The company is building a knowledge-sharing, open-sourced system to access legal information, principally being European law.

US.  A LexisNexis company that is working with Harvard Law School to provide visualization tools and data analysis to provide access to US case law.

US.  AI developed platform using Natural Language Processing (NLP),  to accurately determine the answers to US legal research questions in seconds. 

US. One of the largest databases of legal information in the world with case law and other legal information from over 100 countries available via its online platform.