Searching For The Best Personal Injury Law Firm in Akron, OH

Searching For The Best Personal Injury Law Firm in Akron, OH 2

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What happens when you search for the best personal injury law firm in Akron, OH?  The obvious: a lot of competing advertisements and listings for PI law firms that leave any searcher confused – even bewildered.

But when there is a need for a good personal injury lawyer or law firm to represent anyone injured and seeking legal help there are some key factors that need to be considered when hunting through the Akron PI law firms.

Consider the following criteria before retaining an attorney to assist with your personal injury claim and keep in mind that when searching for ‘the best personal injury law firm in Akron’ you are looking for several firms that profess to meet that criteria.

To place yourself in the best possible position you need to have some background knowledge of the Akron firms and the personal injury law situation in Ohio. 

Read the background ‘Akron law firm cheat sheet’ here to get yourself the very best in personal injury representation for your claim for injury compensation.

Personal Injury Statistics in Akron 

Personal injuries in the United States generally are huge, across multiple areas of activity and a place like Akron reflects the diversity of injury claims, along with the lawyers who claim to handle them.  These include, apart from the common auto accidents, injuries that occur in construction, medical malpractice and other areas.

The National Center for Health Statistics, a department within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has reported over 30 million people are injured annually in the United States, of which two million people require hospitalization and of those there are 160,000 deaths.

As mentioned, car accidents make up most of the cases with statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reporting that there are around 5.5 million car accidents in the country each year, which result in three million injuries and 40,000 fatalities. Apart from those sobering statistics, 60,000 people suffer injuries and 5000 deaths occurring from truck accidents.

Construction accidents account for some 300,000 personal injuries per year, as well as 1,000 deaths.

So the injury statistics are huge and the legal activity involved in litigating personal injury claims in towns and cities across the country is also huge.  Akron personal injury claims are no exception, but when it comes to finding the best personal injury lawyer – and achieving the best outcome for your injury lawsuit – there are some key things you can do.


Key Personal Injury Tips For Successful Outcomes

  • Do not speak with the attorneys from the other party or insurance company: They will try to get you to say something that will undermine your case. Before you talk to anyone about your accident, inform your attorney who will advise you on what to say.
  • Submit documents as you receive them: You will be getting letters, bills and other documents in the mail. It is important that everything your attorney needs for your case and all correspondences are submitted to the law office in a timely manner. 
  • Request a copy of the police report right away if you did not receive one at the scene of the accident

The Akron Personal Injury Risk Factors

Are there specific questions pertaining to lawyers in Akron that need to be asked? Any special circumstances or factors that someone injured needs to consider?

Statistics from Summit County indicate that road accident injuries continue to increase and there are some local statistics indicating what the particular problems are in Akron.

In Akron, there are far too many intersection accidents per year. The Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study (AMATS) has revealed that the city has the most high-crash locations in the entire Summit County area.

For instance, some of the most dangerous intersections in Akron include:

  • South Maple Street and Rhodes Avenue
  • South Broadway and East Thornton Street
  • East Market Street and Mogadore Road/Inter-state 76 ramps

But there are multiple dangerous roads in the Akron area and also – as is normal in most cities – other areas where personal injury may occur. For instance, AMATS recently also pointed out that

Based on its regular three-year analyses of crash records, AMATS found that during October 2021 there was a significant increase in crashes involving pedestrians.  The most recent evidence for this determination can be found in the agency’s analysis of nearly 401 pedestrian-related area crash records provided by the Ohio Department of Transportation spanning the years 2018 through 2020.

During the three-year period, there were 71 crashes involving pedestrians during the month of October compared to the recorded low of 14 during the month of May, according to AMATS Transportation Improvement Program Coordinator David Pulay.

Akron Personal Injury Law Firm Checklist

One of the issues for those seeking the best personal injury law firm is to know exactly what to look for.

Among the key questions:

  • what is your history of successful litigation?
  • how will I relate to your attorney or attorneys?
  • how will you communicate with me and how often?
  • what experience do you have with my particular sort of injury?
  • what fees will you charge and how will they be assessed?

These and other key questions will need to be answered.

In Akron, there are firms like Kisling Nestico & Redick who have over 35 attorneys and a combined experience of providing personal injury legal work amounting to over 500 years. But there are a range of law firms in Ohio providing services, including personal injury legal services and you need to know how to locate the one that will best serve your purposes in terms of outcome.

The question, however, is how to select your best lawyer in Akron for personal injury work? What should you be looking for and asking?

Asking the questions identified above will help identify the sort of attorney who can best meet your needs, ensuring that you are satisfied with answers to those key questions.

Remember that one of the things you need to focus upon is what trial experience your law firm has, particularly in the area of injury claim that you are dealing with. Although most claims settle, you need to proceed into Court with an attorney or a law firm that actually has trial experience and will not shirk from pursuing vigorous legal action should that be required.

Having attorneys with trial experience is a key ingredient to getting the most from any settlement – or any trial.

Pain & Suffering Damages in Ohio

When looking at pain and suffering damages, your Akron attorney needs to look at non-economic loss, which relates to nonpecuniary harm resulting from the injury or loss that you have suffered.

This will be the basis of an action in tort law and refers to not just physical pain and mental distress but to a range of other factors that your lawyer needs to understand. These include matters like loss of companionship, care or assistance, including loss of training or education. It would also include disfigurement and any other loss that is intangible.

Ohio Restrictions on Non-Economic Loss

There are restrictions that occur with noneconomic loss that your attorney will be able to tell you about.

Consider the Ohio statute of limitations, which has been referred to above, and which imposes the time limit on your personal injury claim.

But there is also a cap on the damages that can be imposed at Ohio law, limiting the amount of award that you can receive. Any personal injury lawyer in Akron will be able to provide more details on the damage caps and related issues so far as the particular injury you have is concerned.

There are also something called ‘negligence standards’ which apply where the fault for the accident or injury is shared among different parties. For instance, Ohio law provides no compensation if you were responsible for more than 50 per cent of the fault causing the injury or loss.

Under the Ohio Revised Code, (as mentioned) there is a two year limitation for personal injury claims (Sectioin 2305.11).

Noneconomic Damages CapThe cap is $250,000 or three times the amount of economic damages, whichever is greater. The maximum amount or cap is $350,000 per plaintiff and $500,000 per occurrence [Section 2315.18(B)(2)]
Exception to Damages CapsIf there is catastrophic injury, including permanent or substantial deformity, loss of limb or some injury causing a situation where you cannot care for yourself, there is no cap.[Section 2315.18(B)(3)]
Modified Comparative NegligenceDamages can be recovered if you are less than 50 per cent at fault.

Finding a personal injury law firm in Akron involves a consideration of a range of issues relating to not only the firm and its expertise, but also having some grounding of knowledge about what legal and other issues you face. By handling some basic research your Akron PI law firm will be the right ‘fit’ for you.

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