Leading IP Lawyer Writes Book To ‘Connect The Dots’ On Pressing Issues of our Time

Leading IP Lawyer Writes Book To 'Connect The Dots' On Pressing Issues of our Time

Leading New Zealand IP lawyer Clive Elliott has been concerned like many people on what is happening with the state of the world – and its human inhabitants.

Grasping the issue he posted a LinkedIn message about a book he has written to deal with the issues of  inequality, polarization, extremism, global warming, and the disruption caused by COVID-19.

Leading IP Lawyer Writes Book To 'Connect The Dots' On Pressing Issues of our Time“I, like many others, have become increasingly concerned by the way the West seems to be losing its way and that long-held liberal values are being undermined and devalued. I asked myself what can be done to slow and reverse this trend. Then COVID-19 descended on us, increasing my distress, but also galvanizing me into action,” he wrote.

A major and ambitious effort, he has looked to connect the dots and make sense of what is occurring.

“I am really pleased to introduce to you my personal ‘blueprint for rebuilding the social fabric and reimagining an inclusive society’ and my debut book …. ‘The Power of Wellbeing.’ I wanted to take this opportunity to invite you to read this book and join me on my journey to ignore the naysayers and noise and imagine a better future for all.

“I plan to have the book on shelves by the middle of November (just in time for some summertime reading) but in the meantime, I invite you to check out some more information via my website https://lnkd.in/gJnW-Mrb and/or on the books Instagram and Facebook pages (@thepowerofwellbeing).”

Now a barrister, he has been heavily involved in IP legal issues for many years as one of New Zealand’s leading IP Lawyers and has also co-authored the Lexis Nexis loose-leaf texts: Copyright and Design; and Patents and Trade Marks.

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