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Virtual Payroll Boot Camp: Gain Crucial Insights into 5 Key Areas of Wage & Hour Law

DUBLIN, Sept. 16, 2020 –Powered by LawFuel — The “6-Hour Virtual Seminar on Payroll Virtual Boot Camp: Wage & Hour” webinar has been added to’s offering. This webinar concentrates on five areas of wage and hour law: paying exempt employees, calculating gross wages under the FLSA, deducting from an employee’s wages, the nuts and bolts of physically paying employees […]

What is corporate shareholder oppression?

Corporate shareholder oppression is when the majority of the shareholders in a company take advantage of minority shareholders in a way that unfairly prejudices them. This arises when minority shareholders are in a position where they cannot sell their stock or gain any power in a corporation, which puts them in a perilous position financially. […]

How COVID-19 Has Created An Advantage for Hackers & Other Bad Actors With Ransomware Attacks

Patterson Belknap – As we previously described and as reflected in the rapidly increasing number of cyber-attacks since its start, the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a shift in working practices that hackers and other bad actors are using to their advantage.  Recent studies show a 273% percent rise in large-scale data breaches in the first quarter of 2020, compared to prior-year […]

Can you sue a police officer for misconduct?

Paul Sander – Philando Castile. Walter Scott. Eric Garner. Rachelle Jackson. Names that you’ve probably heard of, unfortunately, because their lives were brutally taken by officers sworn to uphold the law. Law enforcement is supposed to serve and protect us, so we are traumatized, betrayed, and angry when they break that trust. And of course […]

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