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Anonymity – Bitcoin’s Strongest Feature Is Also Its Legal Weak Spot

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that appeals to many because of the anonymity it can provide. It is secured by cryptography tech that makes it impossible to find users based on transactions. Although Bitcoin is perhaps the best known of the fast-growing cryptocurrency markets, there are a vast range of products that come within […]

Bankruptcy Q&A: The Things You Questions You Need to Ask

10 Things You Should Know Before Filing For Bankruptcy  Crosby & Fox, Las Vegas – At its core, bankruptcy is a complex legal process that can assist individuals or businesses who are no longer able to repay their outstanding debts. However, bankruptcy is not to be taken lightly. While it gives a debtor the opportunity […]

Skaden Privacy & Cybersecurity Update

In this month’s edition of our Privacy & Cybersecurity Update, we examine the U.S. Treasury’s advisories regarding the role of financial intermediaries in ransomware payments, a ruling by the Israeli data protection authority that deems the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield invalid and the CJEU’s ruling finding Belgian, French and U.K. mass surveillance laws incompatible with European law. […]

Clifford Chance Litigation Guide App Announced

Clifford Chance – In an increasingly global world, it is more likely than ever that litigators will be faced with managing cross-border cases in unfamiliar locations. The Clifford Chance Litigation Guide App provides a guide to litigation on a country by country basis. The easy to navigate Q&A format means you’ll be able to quickly find what […]

Divorces on the Decline But The Divorce Statistics in Utah Show An Increase . . So Why?

Divorces are an expensive, time-consuming, and often traumatic affair, especially those involving children, however the divorce rate in the US is declining, but the rate in Utah has shown an upward trend over the past decade. QuoteWizard by LendingTree analyzed National Centers for Health Statistics on divorce and found that Utah’s marriage rate has seen a zero […]

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