The Top NZ Mediators: The LawFuel Mediators’ Power List

The Top NZ Mediators: The LawFuel Mediators' Power List 2

The Top NZ Mediators: The LawFuel Mediators' Power List 3
Mediator Power List Member Deborah Clapshaw

The top mediators in New Zealand have been named in the LawFuel Mediators “Power List”, published by the legal news network

Mediation in New Zealand has continued to develop with its use at the direction of Courts in over 50 statutes in New Zealand as well as with a requirement in employment disputes, family disputes and others.

Top New Zealand mediator named in the LawFuel Power List is Auckland-based mediator Warren Sowerby.

Generally over 85 per cent of disputes settle, which has created a faster and more convenient means of resolving disputes, which has also lead to an increase in the number of mediations and an ongoing growth in the mediation business in New Zealand.

The Top NZ Mediators: The LawFuel Mediators' Power List 4

The LawFuel Power List of mediators is headed by long-time mediator Warren Sowerby (left) who has provided advice to the UN on the use of mediation and conducted a large number of both national and international disputes.

Similarly, the Power List’s number 2, Wellington-based barrister Geoff Sharp has developed a substantial reputation as a leading mediator.

The use of mediation and its growth in New Zealand is something that is continues to see it intrude upon what many may see as the province of the courts, but it is the courts themselves that are increasingly referencing or requiring mediation to resolve disputes.

The major advantages of mediation are obvious: confidentiality, speed of resolution, cost and others.

But the growing number of mediators has also seen the field continue its growth at all levels of disputes with top mediators readily able to charge over $10,000 a day while those at the lower end can provide highly cost-effective resolution to disputes at a vastly lesser sum.

Mediators need not be lawyers and many are not, but the top 10 is a list that includes lawyers who number two former Judges and leading barristers who have established their names among the top mediators in New Zealand.

The full LawFuel Mediators’ Power List can be viewed here.

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