Immigration Attorney Peerally Does a Grisham Turn

Immigration Attorney Peerally Does a Grisham Turn 2
What does a famed immigration attorney do when he wants to educate his wide audience on his area of special interest?  He “does a Grisham” and writes a book.  Shah Peerally is a well known legal commentator and immigration attorney, but he is also a humanitarian and activist keen to educate people on immigration and other issues.
And so he has written a work of fiction that will captivate readers: “The Immigration Lawyer Asylum”.
Broadway World reports that at an early stage Shah realized that most new immigrants aren’t fully aware of their legal rights which render them vulnerable to abuses. As a result, Shah spent much of the beginning of his career speaking about ‘Know Your Rights’ in mosques, churches and temples.

After working for two prestigious law firms, in 2005, he opened the Law Offices of Shah Peerally which will ultimately become the Shah Peerally Law Group PC. In 2010, Shah started a radio show on AM radio KLOK 1170 AM and an online radio at His radio shows are a praised for helping thousands understand the law and making a good decision on their cases. In the same spirit of helping the community, in 2011 Shah started a small production company (Shah Peerally Productions Inc).

The company gained momentum by releasing three movies including one full feature film and two short dramas, two of which were selected for the movie festivals. All the movies tackle immigration law problems and other socially sensitive issues such as domestic violence, INA 221g Administrative Processing and Immigration Fraud.

Today Shah is considered one of the most respected attorneys of his time. He has been featured as an expert on major TV networks such as NDTV, Times now and his work published several major newspapers. He has been rated by as a Superb attorney with a perfect 10/10 score, and in 2013 was selected as a Rising Star by

With his social activism, Shah hopes to better the lives of the immigrants through education and advocacy. Recently Shah has been focusing on writing books as a means to educate the community.

Shah’s new book, “The Immigration Lawyer Asylum,” seems to have all the ingredients to keep the reader captivated including how a US immigration court functions. Being an attorney author, he wants to use his book to assist the average US citizen and immigrants to understand the realities of being a new immigrant. In this book, he covers immigration law, hate crimes and other sensitive issues and their implication on society.

Reading this book will fascinate you, especially because it has realistic law notions embedded into a fiction novel. “The Immigration Lawyer Asylum” was written from the attorney author’s perspective, and all the US immigration issues found between the lines have been experienced by Shah Peerally. From his immigration and visa lawyer experience, he managed to create an amazing work of fiction which will guide many who plan to go to America.

The American dream is not the same for everybody, and the land of opportunities comes with its difficulties and can sometimes be an American nightmare. The situation is worse when there is nobody to explain the law and most of the things one should know about the United States of America. This book is recommended to all the American natives who are unaware of the struggle of the immigrants. It also gives an overview of the operations of agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security including its subdivisions such as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE) and the Custom Border Patrol (CBP).

Immigration lawyer Shah Peerally is definitely a person with substantial experience. In his eagerness to educate the public, he wrote the book which is both entertaining and useful. Inspired by his real experiences, he created an amazing educational work of fiction which is not only captivating but illustrates the process of present US immigration system.

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