Mayer Brown launches The Tax Equity Times blog

 Mayer Brown launches The Tax Equity Times blog 2 – Law Firm News – Mayer Brown announced today that its Renewable Energy group has launched a blog, The Tax Equity Times, which addresses issues at the intersection of renewable energy and tax policy in the United States. The blog primarily focuses on US law in relation to transactions that involve tax credits and accelerated depreciation for qualifying renewable energy projects.


“The Tax Equity Times serves as a resource for banks, insurance companies and other taxpayers that are either currently tax equity investors or considering entering the tax equity market, as well as developers of renewable energy projects, the private equity backers of such developers, and utilities and solar companies,” said David Burton, leader of Mayer Brown’s Renewable Energy group in New York.


The blog also addresses certain topics tangential to renewable energy tax matters, such as partnership taxation, equipment leasing, the US Treasury’s cash grant program and state tax incentives.


The inaugural edition of The Tax Equity Times includes three original posts addressing: the proper method for modeling the timing of the investment tax credit; sound bites regarding the tax equity market from the 2016 AWEA Windpower conference; and a legislative proposal in Wyoming to increase the tax on wind energy. The blog also contains posts that link to articles relevant to tax equity published by Mayer Brown attorneys, which can serve as useful references for readers.


Mr. Burton and Jeffrey Davis, co-leader of Mayer Brown’s global Renewable Energy group, will serve as editors of The Tax Equity Times. Messrs. Burton and Davis are both partners in the firm’s Tax Transactions & Consulting practice, where they regularly advise clients on the tax aspects of matters involving all major renewable energy resources. Mr. Burton is a 2016 recipient of The Burton Awards’ “Distinguished Legal Writing Award,” an honor given to just 35 authors from the nation’s 1,000 largest law firms.


Lawyers in Mayer Brown’s Renewable Energy group have worked on some of the very first large-scale wind and solar projects in the US, and the firm’s clients are at the cutting edge of renewable energy today. Mayer Brown assists clients in structuring transactions to monetize production tax credits, investment tax credits and other subsidies and incentives associated with geothermal, wind, solar, biomass and other renewable energy projects that enhance financing options.


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