110 Freeway Closed After four Car Collision

January 31, 2008 (by Otto Smyth) – The 110 freeway was the scene of a four car collision that closed the freeway for a short time a little after 8am, during the morning commute. According to the California Highway Patrol one of the drivers involved in this accident that is thought to have been the cause of the four car collision by hitting the vehicle in front of them, this driver then left the scene of the accident.

This initial rear end collision then caused a chain reaction leading to the other cars involved, there were two people later transported to the hospital. This was also the cause of the closing of the southbound lanes on the Harbor 110 freeway in the proximity of Torrance Boulevard. The motorists that were injured and later transported to the hospital are reported to have sustained injuries that were non-life threatening in the accident. The Harbor 110 freeway southbound lanes were closed for approximately fifteen minutes while the autos involved in the accident were cleared. This left traffic congested for sometime afterwards.

According the California Highway Patrol they are still investigating the cause of the accident and are also looking for the driver who fled. Los Angeles injuries attorneys are looking for witnesses.

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