2008 Presidential Candidate Ron Paul: Government Price Fixing Pushes US Into a Socialist System

Paul Characterizes Candidates as “Evil,” Holds Nothing Back in Exclusive Interview with Clear Channel Online Music & Radio

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WHAT: Clear Channel Online Music & Radio’s National Correspondent, Paul Westcott, interviewed the former 2008 presidential Republican candidate Dr. Ron Paul, who is also a Texas Republican Congressman and leader of the Campaign for Liberty. The discussion focused on the federal government’s announcement to invest billions of dollars into the private market and Dr. Paul shared his thoughts on the presidential race between Barack Obama and John McCain. Below are sample (and some controversial) quotes from Dr. Paul’s interview:

“People are stuck voting for the lesser of two evils between John McCain and Barack Obama.”
“When it comes to the bailout, the two candidates listened to the lobbyists.”
“The current bailout plan transfers liability and bad assets to the taxpayer.”
“The government’s price fixing pushes us into a socialist system.”
“The more the government gets involved printing money and spending money, the longer it will take to correct.”
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