22 July 2004 – LAWFUEL – Read PRESS RELEASES for the latest law ann…

22 July 2004 – LAWFUEL – Read PRESS RELEASES for the latest law announcementsRead associated news release belowGÖRG Rechtsanwälte and DLA have today announced the discontinuation of their co-operation in the context of the DLA Group with effect as of 31 August 2004. The move follows increased discussions between both firms on the future strategic focus as a fully integrated international firm of an alliance of independent national firms. The majority of partners of GÖRG Rechtsanwälte earlier decided not to consider an intensification of the relationship beyond the degree of co-operation practiced to date. They will continue to work closely together until the opening of DLA’s practice in Germany.

Nigel Knowles, Managing Partner, DLA LLP, said: “We have always enjoyed a good working relationship with GÖRG, but it has become clear over time that both firms have different ambitions for the future. While it is DLA’s vision to achieve a fully integrated presence in Germany, GÖRG wishes to maintain its statue as an independent national firm. It is therefore a natural decision by both firms for GÖRG to withdraw from the Group and for DLA to build its own presence in Germany.

I am very pleased that the joint decision has been reached so amicably and that we will continue to work closely with GÖRG until the opening of our new practice in Germany. I would like to thank the partners and staff at GÖRG for all their co-operation.”

GÖRGS managing partner, Dr. Roland Hoffmann-Theinert, said: “It became apparent that the views of both firms on the form of the future co-operation could not be brought in line. We regret that this step had to be taken, but we sincerely believe that our future lies within the role of an independent national firm. We thank DLA for the years of fruitful co-operation and wish them well in the pursuit of their vision.”
Dr. R. Hoffmann-Theinert
Nigel Knowles

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