5 Reasons Uber-related Accidents Require a Lawyer with Experience with Uber

5 Reasons Uber-related Accidents Require a Lawyer with Experience with Uber 1

Most of know about Uber the ridesharing company that has thrived on a peer-to-peer business model to present simplicity to both its employees and consumers. Uber’s history shows how this business model has both propelled Uber to success and how it has also surrounded Uber in controversy. What does this mean for passengers and employed drivers alike?

Drivers are Independent Contractors

In order to make such an appealing business model of simplicity work, Uber has hired all of its drivers as independent contractors, which has cut through much of the red tape associated with operating a traditional taxi service, but at the same time it leaves both drivers and passengers in a legally confusing bind in the event of an accident.

So the question becomes, who is to be held legally responsible for such accidents? There are a variety of legal issues that can arise in Uber accidents that go beyond the conventional motor vehicle accident situation.  This is why any individual involved in an Uber-related accident should immediately seek a lawyer with experience with Uber accidents.

Professional Legal Counsel

When thinking about an accident it can seem cut and dry, but when experiencing an accident first hand lines become blurred and perceptions of all parties involved may contradict one another. In a normal auto accident the involved parties allow the insurance companies to hash out the finer details with the aid of police reports and witness accounts, but if an Uber driver is involved then who is to say if Uber or the driver is culpable for damages? Or if the Uber driver is injured or hit, does Uber hold any responsibility for its driver’s well-being? Professional legal representation is essential for clearing up these matters.

Variety of Reported Uber Incidents

When it comes to the legal murkiness of Uber related accidents the complications do not end with auto-collisions. There are a variety of reported Uber incidents outside of the traditional auto-collision. Legal responsibility is difficult enough to determine when an Uber-driven car gets into an auto-collision with a civilian-driven car, but when one considers the complications of a case in which an Uber driver strikes a pedestrian the legal difficulties can grow at an exponential rate.

Support for Uber Drivers

Both Uber drivers and Uber passengers find themselves in a difficult situation when an accident occurs, but the situation of the Uber driver can often be the most complicated. In most forms of employment employees work as agents of their employers, which makes the employers responsible for job-related activities. In this case, if Uber hired employees it would assume legal responsibility for all Uber-related incidents, but by hiring drivers as independent contractors Uber takes away its drivers legal protection in many cases. Every employee needs support in the event of a job-related incident, and if the employer can not be relied upon for that support then the employee must seek it through professional legal representation.

Payment of Medical Bills

Many complications inherent in auto-collision cases can be worked out in due time, but one thing that can become immediately pressing is a sudden and unexpected medical bill. If a passenger is injured in an Uber accident he or she must quickly find out how to be reimbursed for medical bills and damages.

About iAccidentLawyers – Accident attorney, Robert Koenig, has been practicing law for over 20 years and collected over $120,000,000 in personal injuryu and car accident claims.  The firm has expanded to Nevada and Colorado with the sole focus being car accidents that represent individuals. Mr Koenig is a lawyer with experience in Uber accidents and can advise on specific remedies.

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