5 Truths From Tom Cruise’s Scientology ‘New Reality’ Video

LawFuel.com – What’s to follow? What does Tom Cruise and the Scientologists have to prove now? The narrator to Tom Cruise’s Scientology video indicates that the ‘new reality’ has just begun.

It is believed that Tom Cruise is not only the highest profile face of Scientology worldwide, but also the effective second-in-charge after David Miscavige.

The litigious Church of Scientology had the Tom Cruise tape pulled from popular web video sites. But, backgrounded by the ‘Mission Impossible’ theme, Tom Cruise was able to offer some sobering thoughts on the future for the world, according to the book of Scientology. The tape is available on the GawkerMedia sites Gawker.com and Defamer.com.

Included in the tape:

– the need to create ‘new and better realities’
– Scientologists are the ‘authorities on the mind’
– the them and us categorization – you’re ‘on board’ or your not. What happens to the ‘nots’?
– talking with leaders in different fields worldwide about Scientology
– the ‘new reality’ (whatever it may precisely be) has just begun.

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